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Youth Parliament Simulation October 2023

In October 2023, we kicked off our first ever Parliamentary Simulation.


With a group of 30, we recreated the real-world dynamics of our  Parliament over the weekend. We had participants who were party members themselves, full of zest and eager to play a pivotal role; but we also had participants who knew nothing about politics barring our Prime Minister's name. 

By the end of weekend, we can say with confidence that all of them understood each other and our country's political processes a little better. 

The point of the simulation was not to perfectly simulate parliament, or do the best job that could have been done. It was to get our participants thinking, allow them space to put themselves in the shoes of a politician, and spark new ideas in the way they address issues that are important to them.

How It Went

sim 9.jpg
On Day 1, participants were assigned to political parties. A Medical Marijuana Bill and Rare Earth Mining Motion were brought forward by government ministers. And so parliament was in session, and ministers began to lobby for the support they needed

Every participant of our first ever simulation was given the opportunity to join us as volunteer researchers. They are also a part of an internal group where we actively, with the politicians who are on board with our work, provide tangible support to them in the causes and projects that they may pursue.

Our team hopes to serve to hold participants accountable to the passion that they show during our simulations.

A weekend alone may not be enough to make drastic change, but we hope that it sparks conversations, connections, and a compass that will guide this group of youth into leading roles in our country.

What is Next?

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