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Empowering Policy Makers with the Insights of Tomorrow

We at SocDem Malaysia are dedicated to paving the way for a more socially democratic Malaysia. Our focus is on empowering policy makers with the insights that have the potential to shape the nation's future in climate action, democracy and governance, as well as urban planning and housing.

We believe in the power of
data-driven advocacy to drive change and create a better tomorrow for all Malaysians.

What Do We Do?

We are focused on empowering Malaysian politicians and civil servants with data-driven policy solutions. This alignment between policy and ideology resonates deeply with the aspirations of a socially democratic Malaysia.

Position Papers


Clogged streets; frustrated commuters; stagnant air. No public transport network is perfect, but that of the Klang Valley is at a critical juncture. As our megacity expands, the need for a seamless, accessible system has never been greater. This paper digs into the heart of the matter: completing our public transport network.

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