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Image by Jonathan Borba

The Road to Net Zero:
Why Hydrogen is Essential for Malaysia's
Transportation Sector

On this journey toward net zero emissions, we need to find reliable solutions, and grappling with heavy vehicle emissions is one step that we now know how to take. Governments vary in their approaches, with some prioritising infrastructure development and others focusing on creating market demand through vehicle deployment. However, a consistent theme is the involvement of both government and private sectors in research and technology development to drive the hydrogen market forward.

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Policy Proposal

On April 2024, our research on hydrogen usage for Malaysia's transportation sector was officially printed and published.


Hydrogen Paper Launch

During our official SocDem Malaysia launch, we shared a 2-page summary of our hydrogen research with fellow guests, including YB Liew Chin Tong and YB Michelle Ng.

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Forum on Hydrogen 

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 We invited three esteemed guests to panel our forum:

  • Encik Mohammad Syazwan

    • Political Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability

  • YB Rajiv

    • Former board member of the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia

    • Co-founder of SocDem

  • Encik Mohammad Zawawi

    • Head of Business Group Development at NADICORP Holdings. NADICORP owns Transnasional Plusliner Cityliner and Transocean, and also builds their own buses.

Our moderator for this forum was Ms Kusha, co-founder of SocDem Malaysia. 

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